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Like Soup? So do we. The fresher the better! The Rattling Pan keeps it hot, wet and tasty, and we're coming to a field near you!

Hello! How’s it going? We make soup. Freshly made and served straight from the pan – no slopping around in urns, just hot, wet and tasty soup from the chopping board to your mouth, right before your eyes!


We’ve been making food for a long time now and we’ve got over twenty years of hospitality experience between us. Soup just seemed to be the way to go – it’s nourishing, convenient, healthy and it looked like there was a lot of scope for us to get creative and really make it our own. We got into the kitchen and started to develop some recipes – and the rest is history!

Sean has been running venues in the South-East for over 12 years and he felt it was time to make a break for it and start something of his own. He grew up around food in pubs across the UK and now he's bringing it on home. Favourite soup? Leek and Potato, of course.

Eamon's been working with food for more than ten years as a chef, and an entrepreneur. With a catalouge of tasty success under his belt he's full of the experience, and inspiration, it takes to make soup sexy again. The flavour he favours? Squash Celery and Ginger.

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Meet the Team

The 'Pan

What can we say? The 'Pan is our home! It's a fully certified canvas kitchen with everything we need to make fresh soup - wherever we are. We've also made it look nice with some crafty carpentry and hand painted signage from one of our talented artist friends. Whatever the occasion our pitch will be a good looking, and great tasting, addition.


Did we mention that our giant Pan sign 'lets off some steam' once in a while? We're pretty happy with how that looks.


Oh, and just so you know - we're clean. We pride ourselves on our smooth operation and in keeping to a very high standard of hygiene, so it's nice to have it recognised! We've been awarded five stars by our local council and we're regularly inspected on site at events prior to trading, often recieving high praise on our procedures! A pat on the back for us, and safe, clean food for you.

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